Read Carefully Before Registration and Order Services

When you use the services provided by SMMOKAY, it's important that we make sure our users are aware of what they will be getting themselves into. By registering for any one or all three parts listed below (account creation process, usage policy & agreements), I hereby agree and acknowledge that I have read through these terms carefully; if not please close this window now!


SMMOKAY is not responsible for any social media account suspension or picture deletion done by Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


  1. At SMMOKAY, we only use the best social media marketing techniques to promote your account. We offer a variety of packages that are tailored for any budget and will help grow you on Instagram or Twitter with an engaging voice!
  2. Boost your Instagram following with this guaranteed strategy. We promise you'll get the followers that are allocated to YOUR account, and we will not let them go until they have interacted positively!
  3. The likelihood that your account will have a profile picture, full bio and uploaded pictures is dependent on the marketer's efforts.
  4. We do not guarantee 100% of our accounts will be set up with this feature because it depends on what type of campaign or marketing strategy you're using for promotion to succeed in social media networks like Instagram where users can post without having an account beforehand (as opposed to Facebook).
  5. You will be expected to follow the site's unacceptable content rules and guidelines. You should not upload anything into Peakerr including nudity or any material that is not accepted by our community on Instagram/Facebook, Twitter etc,

Refund Policy

  • There are no refunds for orders placed after a deposit has been made. The only exception is if you paid with credit/debit card and we were able to issue your refund then, but this will not happen very often considering how quickly deposits exponentially increase once an order goes live on our site!
  • Once you complete a payment, we will not file any disputes or chargebacks against it for as long as the transaction remains valid. If your deposit sparks an investigation into our company by either party and results in legal action being taken against us (such has happened before), then all future orders are subject to termination with no refund given if they were made prior to this happening- there is also risk of losing followers/likes delivered via Instagram etc...
  • Your order is not going to be cancelled or refunded after it's placed. If the product you bought from Just Another Panel doesn't work out for whatever reason, just contact us and we'll take care of things!
  • If you use a stolen or unauthorized credit card, your account will be terminated. There are no exceptions and we cannot give correct followers/likes numbers in this case as well; so please do not try to order more than one server at the same time for that page. We reserve our right not refunding orders made like these ones since fraudsters often buy huge amounts of fake likes from third-party sites which is against our policy anyways!

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and will do everything in our power to protect it. This policy covers how we use the information you provide us with, so please read carefully!

We never share your information with third-parties, and we will only use it to fill an order. We take the security of your personal data seriously! All communication between you and us is encrypted so there's no chance for anyone else who might be snooping around in transit - not even those pesky hackers out on holiday just waiting for their next opportunity against a vulnerable citizenry like yourselves ;)